Kensington Palace Tour

I went on a tour of Kensington Palace with some of my friends a few days ago. I’ve lived down the street from it for two months, but had never made it inside. It was so neat, nothing like my tours of other historical places. It was very relaxed inside, no bad checks, no metal detectors, nothing roped off. We were able to tour several staterooms and apartments within the palace. There were exhibits about the fashion of the modern royals and about Victoria and Albert, the last ruling monarchs to live in Kensington Palace. I had a blast exploring my “neighbors'” house and learning about all of the history that has happened so close to where I live. And also being under the same roof of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was pretty cool too! We ended the day with dinner at Damario’s Pizzeria, which is on the corner of my street and also was one of Princess Diana’s favorite places to eat in Kensington.

Interesting fact: Kensington Palace is about 170 years older than the United States.


William III of Orange, the first monarch to live in Kensington Palace. According to the palace, he didn’t get to spend much time in the palace after moving out to Kensington because “he spent most of his summers in Europe, fighting against the French.”


The royal apartments where Will & Kate live.



The view from inside one of the drawing rooms





Kensington Palace Gardens20131104-232916.jpg


20131104-234259.jpgJust casually posing in a Prince Albert-esque coat.



Damario’s Pizzeria. Princess Di’s favorite place to eat in Kensington.


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