Halloween in London

So, Halloween in London was amazing. I decided to dress up as Zoolander. My friend, Sabrina, won tickets to the Vevo Halloween party and took me with her as her guest. One of my favorite bands, Bastille, was playing, so I was psyched! When we got to the party, they had already reached capacity, so we were stuck out in the cold for two hours waiting for people to leave so we could get in. We were pretty upset about it and decided to leave, but when we left the line, we ran into Iggy Azalea walking into the building to get ready to perform. She was dressed up as Cruella from 101 Dalmatians, and if you know me at all, you know that’s my favorite movie! She was so nice and let us take pictures with her before she was rushed inside. Everything ended up working out perfect, because as soon as Iggy went inside, the Vevo people decided to let the rest of us in. We ended up getting to see the three biggest acts of the night and had a blast! Halloween 2013 will definitely be one to remember!


Trying the “Blue Steel” look


Selfies with Iggy Azalea






Iggy Azalea


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