When In Wales

I had quite an adventure this weekend! I went on a trip with my school to Wales to go coasteering, kayaking, and hiking. I was so excited for countryside, fresh air, and a break from the city!

Our train ride to our lodge took almost all of Friday to get to. We arrived just in time for dinner, which was a welcome change from the food from the dining hall back at school. Our homemade mac and cheese and chocolate chip cake was amazing! I could write an entire blog just about the food from this trip, it was amazing.

Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early to begin our first activity. The group I was in was assigned to do the most intimidating activity first. None of us had ever done coasteering, so it was new to everybody. Coasteering is basically climbing on the rocks and boulders along the coast, up the cliffs, jumping off the cliffs, playing in the ocean, and having a fun time! It took us about 30 minutes to get suited up in all of the appropriate gear to keep us warm out in the ocean. I was wearing a wetsuit, extra wet shorts and shirt, and wet socks, along with my life jacket and helmet. Coasteering is pretty extreme. The first few minutes in the ocean were miserable because of the cold of the ocean. Having to climb up out onto sharp jagged rocks while the waves are knocking you around was difficult at first (I sliced my thumb open on the first rock we climbed onto), but we all soon got the hang of it. We scrambled over rocks down the coast, swam through caves, climbed cliffs, jumped off cliffs, played in the swells from the ocean, and hiked back. Coasteering was wild, and a great way to start off the weekend!

After a warm bowl of soup for lunch, my group, the Sea Squad, went kayaking. Kayaking was awesome! We got to explore the harbor, some caves, and the coast. At one point I was about 30 feet from a seal! We held eye contact for a few seconds before he dove underneath the waves. Kayaking was so tiring. After a day full of adventure, my body was exhausted. We had another amazing supper, which was chicken curry with a berry cobbler for dessert. Most of us stayed in the common room of the lodge and played card games Saturday night before hitting the hay to get rested up for our last day of fun.

Sunday was another early day. We woke up to rain, which was a little depressing because we were doing our only dry activity that day. Luckily the rain stopped right as we headed out on our seven mile hike. I was really excited for the hike so I could actually use my camera to take pictures of just how beautiful the area was. This hike was a blast! Most of it was along the coast, so we had amazing views of cliffs overlooking the ocean all morning. I didn’t want the hike to end. I think I could have walked along the coast all day and been happy. Sadly, after we made it back to the lodge, we had to rush and wash all of the mud off us before eating and heading back to the train station.

Wales was great, and I will never forget all of the adrenaline pumping adventures I went on! I really bonded with the Sea Squad (me, Alex, Duck, Patrick, Grace, Kelly, Molly, Rachel, Abby, and Diana).

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3 thoughts on “When In Wales

  1. Ty, the pictures of the Wales countryside & coastline are breathtaking…….so beautiful, thanks for sharing them. Glad you had a wonderful time on your trip, sounds scary & exciting all rolled into one ! Miss you, can’t wait til your back home !

  2. Ty, What an AWESOME experience you had!!!! The pictures of the countryside and water are just breath-taking! All of us back home are so excited for everything you are getting to experience! We LOVE you and MISS you!!! Aunt Brigette

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